V.L. Locey, RJ Scott, MM Romance, Hockey Romance, Gay Romance

Question 2

Laurel Lynn Ratliff Looney –  How many books will be in the next hockey series? Love both u gorgeous ladies

RJ: We love you too! What next hockey series? Are we writing more books Vicki?

VL: I don’t know. Hmmmm. Maybe we could do a sweet, behind closed doors…NAH! Maybe we might be doing another series. Are we?

RJ: Well Ryker, which is coming out in October, which is Jared Madsen’s son’s story… I guess we could come up with at least two others and make it a trilogy of love stories… what do you think?

VL: Three love stories set on a college campus starring hockey players. Yeah, I think I could be into that! I wonder if we have book titles yet or anything like that? *ponders*

RJ: Or that we’ve commissioned art for them from Meredith… LOL So Yes, Laurel, the next series is three books – set at Owatonna University, starting with Ryker’s story. We’re near halfway through that now, and it’s a gorgeous story and we have found the PERFECT guy for our Ryker… But there was other stuff… wasn’t there V?

VL: Oh he is the PERFECT Ryker! Stuff? Nope. No idea what you mean. What kind of stuff, RJ? *looks all innocent*

RJ: Well… we could tell them about our Christmas novella…

VL: Oh that stuff. Well….maybe…we could give them a hint. Go for it!

RJ: Well, we did something in Goal Line… which is book 6 in the Railers series… and we both said, you know what, we need to write a Railers Christmas Novella… so we are… and it will be out on 1 December… not only that but…

VL: Can I tell them about the other thing?!

RJ: Go for it!

VL:  Yippee! Rumor has it that there will be another novella for the Railers which might be about a certain goalie, his beloved, and a maybe new family member…

RJ: A dog with long teeth and red eyes? *innocent*

VL: Yep, exactly. Stan finally gets his demon dog. No, we kid. Or do we??

RJ: What about the other thing that happens in the Stan/Erik novella (which will be out 30 January)

VL: We don’t want to give them ALL the news in one sitting. Do we?

RJ: Well, we could…

VL: Okay, I suppose so. We DO have that other surprise thing after the novellas that we can sit on for a later time. I’m so mean.

RJ: I would so tell everyone EVERYTHING…

VL: Which is why you’re not a spy working with James Bond. Maybe we should sit on the big thing for a while longer. That sounded bad…

RJ: Damn you V, I won’t stay quiet! Noah is getting a sibling… maybe… possibly… *Stop hitting me*

VL: So much for secrets. *pulls out roll of duct tape* I think we better end this now before she’s told everyone EVERYTHING! Thanks for the great question, Laurel!

RJ: Wait what about our next series that we already have plans for and———-