Welcome to this month’s Fast Five post!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our new monthly feature here on the MM Hockey Romance blog. In case you’re new to Fast Five, what we’re doing is picking one of our characters/secondary characters and setting them down for a furious, fast-paced round of five questions. These questions can range from serious to bizarre and will hopefully give us all a deeper look into the minds of our guys from the Railers, Eagles, and Raptors.

This month’s man in the hot seat is Hayne Ritter, artist boyfriend of ex-Owatonna U hockey player, Scott Caldwell. You met Hayne and Scott in the second OU trilogy book, Scott.

And away we go!

Question One – If you woke up and had two thousand emails but could only open three, which three would you open and why?

Oh man. I…uhm. Well, I’d open up any from Scott, not that he ever sends emails because he’d be like, “What is this, 2002 or something?” which always makes me laugh when he says it. But yeah, I’d open up anything from Scott because if he sent an email it would be an imminent death message. Second would be from my Mom and Grandma because they’re so funny and are my everything. Third would probably be from any art gallery that reached out to me. Maybe the Louvre is looking for one of my paintings. It could happen…

Question Two – Where is your dream vacation?

See above reply about the Louvre. I totally have dreams about visiting France with Scott, walking hand-in-hand along the Seine, dining in artsy little cafes, kissing under the Eiffel Tower, and walking through the Louvre and seeing the Mona Lisa in person. There is no other place on Earth I want to see more than France.

Question Three –What is your current/latest painting?

It’s a fractured sort of mythical imagery, something that came to me in a dream after watching some freaky horror movie with Scott. Masked warriors astride fiery winged horses. Very hounds of hell, apocalyptic sort of painting. Lots of carmine and cinnamon colors, splashes of charcoal and ebony, bright papaya. It’s scary to be honest but I can’t leave it alone.

Question Four –What’s the biggest decision you’ve made in the past year?

Oh wow there have been a lot of big decisions for Scott and me. Probably to invest in a bigger, better website so people can find and purchase my art. I’m wired weird. I want to sell art and become famous but every time I list a painting I hide under the covers for fear of bad comments. I hear it’s the same way for all creatives. Artists, musicians, authors. We put so much of ourselves into our work. It’s a wobbly high wire to walk.

Question Five – If you could have one exotic pet what would it be and why?

Well for sure not a tiger! That show is just…wow. I’d really not ever have an exotic pet because they should be out in the wild where they belong. But if I had to own one it would be something small and not the least big aggressive. A sugar glider maybe! They’re super cute. Scott would look adorable feeding one grapes. He’d be an excellent sugar glider daddy.

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