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Joyfully Jay “Changing Lines was a lovely, sweet romance between two protagonists that are impossible to dislike. The writing is smooth and relaxed. It finds an easy rhythm early on and, as a result, the pacing is generally very strong. There is a great deal of hockey talk and while I know nothing about that particular sport, I didn’t have any trouble following along. I give the authors credit for making technical information so accessible. Mads and Ten are wonderful together.”

My Fiction Nook “‘Changing Lines’ is by no means a comedy but it is a good start to what I think is going to be an enjoyable hockey themed series. There were hot men both on and off the ice, humorous moments…also on and off the ice, there’s Pokemon and Pokemon tattoos, there’s Stan, one of the best Russian goalies EVER!…I love Stan and a coming out that is epic from start to finish.

If book 2 is anything like this one…well, all I can say is…‘Hockey Night in Canada’ just got a whole lot more interesting.”

MM Good Book Reviews “This is a fantastic start to a new series for both R.J. Scott and V.L. Locey.

While both Ten and Mads are brilliant characters the supporting characters are just as good, from Ten’s brothers to the Harrisburg Railers team they are an interesting mix and fully entertaining. I have a secret hope that Stan will one day get a story because that Russian goalie is just one excellent character!

I recommend this to those who love sports stories, love a dash of angst, who adore characters with explosive temperaments, and who love watching two men overcoming fears and embracing their love for each other.”

Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words “What a great writing team RJ Scott and VL Locey make!

In short, I love everything about this book and the characters we are getting to know. This looks to be a wonderful ensemble series with teammates getting their own romances as well this couple continuing to move forward with their romance and overall story thread. I can’t wait for more.”

The Geekery Book Review “Hockey hunks with great big wonderful hearts, that’s how I feel about this book. I really loved Mads and Ten and their story together – they are great guys on their own but together they totally melted my heart! RJ Scott and V.L. Locey have created a great new series, I already feel so attached to this whole gang.”