Torhild Borg –  ALL RAILERS: What would be the ultimate Christmas gift for you?


I just want Ten home, and well, and I have something else I want as well, but I can’t mention it here, because it’s a surprise. I bet Ten said something huge about world peace, right? Should I say something more clever than him being home and well? I can’t really because that is all I can think about. 


Maybe something small. Like acceptance for all players regardless of who they love, what color their skin is, or what religion they practice. And maybe some tix to the next Arctic Monkeys gig. 


More time with Trent. And a shop that does not carry a Railers sweater with a glittery blinky-nose reindeer on the front in my size. This whole “Let’s Dress Like Each Other!” phase that Trent is going through needs to be over like yesterday. Have you ever seen a hockey player in holly and elf leggings? No? There’s a reason for that….


Do I count? Am I a Railer? Oh! If so, I want a sweater. And I mean a sweater that looks like a Railers jersey but is all glittery with a blinky-nose reindeer on the front! 


We’re taking Noah tree hunting this year, just to give Stan & Erik a break. What i’d like for Christmas is a kiss from my Galina, a hug from Noah, and winning the Stanley cup… of course. 


I prefer to give presents. I have my eye on this mint condition Corvette in cherry red that is super limited edition, and I think that Layton would love it. But, wait. No one tell Layton, right, because we set a $40 limit and the Corvette is just a bit more than that…


I’d like the entire team to be on time for a meeting just once. And to stay off twitter. And Instagram. In fact to stay off all social media. I’m joking (I’m not really). I’d love a nice quiet Christmas, but i’d also like to get together with some of the guys here – I love being around them. Don’t tell them that, right?


I’m getting a new tattoo. I haven’t decided what yet. I think I’d like something that means hockey and love and family, and isn’t a pokemon. Not that I don’t love Pokemon but Gatlin threatened to tattoo it on my dick if i had another pokemon tat. So, yeah, heart, Gatlin, maybe our initials and two hearts. Something sappy, musical maybe, and in a place only Gatlin will see. Oh and I want an apology from the damn cat for what it did in my shoe. 


I want a techy device that will locate my damn glasses when I lay them down. Also, a solid week of bed cuddles with Bryan and the cats. Like no getting up other than for food, water, and the bathroom. Okay, a shower once daily but that’s it. Seven days of cuddles and Judas Priest. 


I have all I ever wish for with my beloved and my family. What? Is true. Oh okay I add for asking Santa for item I see on the EBay site. Real Elvis sunglasses. Worn by King himself. Is truly marvelous glasses! Big white frames with sparkling gems on the head-hugging parts. Dark lenses for being out in sun because King was big sensitive eyes from making be musical genius. Oh! And a puppy. Do not tell Erik of puppy wish but I see cute one at Ben’s shelter. Is Mexican chichi dog. Little dog. Maybe loaf of bread bigger. I like him much and he needs home. Maybe call him Doris… 


I want Noah to eat his bananas and not crawl behind the sofa and squish them in the carpet. LOL. No, what I’d really love is an entire afternoon of cartoons and Elvis movies, my head on Stan’s chest, with Noah cuddled on our laps. I want to find the perfect gift for Stan, something to do with his beloved Elvis I think. God, he loves his Elvis. Why is Stan taking so long to answer? What is he saying? Why is he looking over at me with a smirk on his face? What is he planning? Stan?! 


I’d love for every dog and cat, goat and pot-bellied pig at our two shelters to find homes. Oh yeah, well, the pot-bellied pig hasn’t come to live with us at the farm rescue quite yet. Don’t tell Max. Seriously though, pigs can be housetrained and I know this one is super smart and…crap. Max is coming. On’t-day ay-say anything-yay about-yay e-thay ig-pay.  


Some moments I’d like one more game. Just once more on the ice, the smell of it, the speed, scoring a goal, celebrating with the team. But then I know what I have with Ben is way better. I want to be with Ben, and the animals. We’re getting a potbellied pig soon, but we’ve built an enclosure. Thank goodness it won’t be living in the house with us, that’s all I can say.