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Blade (Boston Rebels Book 5)

Blade (Boston Rebels Book 5)

Love doesn’t have a formula. It’s messy, unpredictable, and impossible to control for the autistic billionaire inventor and the hockey player who believes he’s lost everything.

Moral “Dunny” Dunkirk has a passion for life. A robust outdoorsman, lover of life, and one of the Boston Rebels fan favorites, Dunny has always embraced excitement and the drive to try new things. During his inaugural flight behind the controls of a small plane, the fates decide to test his mettle in a way that he had never envisioned. When everything crashes down around him, he’s lost in depression and alone in his cabin, facing an existence that is nothing like the one he previously led. Desperate to find some hope, Dunny reaches out to The Harvey Foundation who might be able to help, and he soon finds himself being lifted out of the pit of darkness he’d fallen into one shy uplifting smile at a time.

Accidental billionaire and inventor Cooper Harvey is happy in the seclusion of his lab, determined to make the world a better place. His autism gifts him with a unique vision but the media label him as quirky, reclusive, or a genius, and it’s only in the most splendid isolation his vast wealth can buy that he feels safe. He goes out of his way to avoid sex with all its complicated and messy emotions, but a chance meeting with a test subject for his latest invention shakes his carefully controlled world. Interest in the hockey player who thinks he’s lost everything shows Cooper that life can’t be measured in chemical reactions, and attraction is unpredictable and messy. Terrified of facing something new, he doesn’t know where to turn, but maybe if he’s brave and with a partner who sees beneath the surface, he can finally find a love that makes sense.

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Series: BOSTON REBELS, Book 5
Genres: Hockey, Romance
Tag: Boston Rebels
ISBN: 9781785642616
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