MM Hockey Romance

Off the Ice (Chesterford Coyotes 1)

Off the Ice (Chesterford Coyotes 1)

A coming-of-age love story with high school, hockey rivalry, friendship, family, and coming out. 

Soren’s life changes in an instant when he and his younger brother are adopted by hockey royalty. Making sense of his new life is hard enough, but when he’s enrolled in a private school it means facing a whole new set of problems. Navigating friendship, family, and hockey is one thing, but being attracted to the boy who vexes him is a whole new thing..

Felix has a reputation to protect. He's the kid who seems to have everything but looks can be deceiving. Spinning lies about his perfect life, he’s created a fantasy world that even he has started to believe. Only, it’s not long before everything crumbles, all of his pretty lies are revealed, and only his closest rival sees through his pain and stands by him.

Fighting is easy, friendship is hard, but love is everything.

Series: Chesterford Coyotes, Book 1
Genres: Hockey, Romance
Tag: First in Series - Hockey
ISBN: 9781785644269
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