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Episode 20


I was forced out of the car at the cabin only to hear sounds of a gun fight. I lurched forward, to get to Alfie, but Goon two, the man that had tied my hands, gleefully pushed me to my knees in the snow and laughed loudly. He pressed his gun to my temple.

“Just in time to say goodbye to your lover’s corpse,” he cackled.

How could I even contemplate my gentle giant being able to fight back against whatever gunman was in there. If Alfie was dead then they might as well kill me right here.

Not before killing everyone here though. Starting with Goon two and working my way up to Goon one, the guy in charge, the boss man.

The door opened and a figure stumbled out, and for a second in the dark I thought my worst fears were realized and that this was another of the bad guys, which meant my Alfie was gone.

Only the courtyard of tangled weeds, mud and snow, was lit up by the headlights, and in the middle of the pool of bright white was Alfie, with blood on him, holding a gun and pointing it at us.

I heard them demand he drop the gun, Goon two cackling again and standing to my left, the boss doing all the talking, standing to my right. They threatened to shoot me if Alfie didn’t comply, but we all knew that it didn’t matter if it was me or Alfie that died first, we were both gone.

“Alfie, do it. Lay down the gun,” I tried to stay calm, stronger now I knew I had a way to keep Alfie alive if only I could get him to follow instruction. He was wide eyed, but the gun was steady in his hands. Goon two had taken his gun away from my temple and had it pointing right at Alfie.

“Non! Ils vont te teur!”He shouted, no, they will go.

I knew there was no chance they would leave me and go. Neither of us were likely to get out of this alive.

“Lay down the gun or he dies now,” the boss demanded, and for a second Alfie looked like he may listen. Then I saw the steel in his backbone, the focus in his eyes. What was he going to do? Try and shoot them both? He’d be dead before he got a shot off.

“Je t’aimerai toujours, Sacha,”he called over to me. I will always love you.

“Je t’amierai toujours, Alfie,”I said back to him, then I cracked my neck and tensed my thighs. “Tirez sur celui de gauche,”I added. Shoot the one on my left. He didn’t hesitate for a single second, and pulled the trigger, I twisted, captured the boss between my legs, brought him to his knees, his pistol landing a few feet away, and had him in a choke hold between my thigh and knees. I tensed tighter and tighter, the boss was choking, and Alfie slid and slipped around me, picking up the lost weapon. I squeezed even harder on the boss, until finally he was unconscious.

“Untie me,” I panted and my lover rushed to yank the knots free.

Rummaging in the boss’s pocket I pulled out his cell phone and tossed it up to Alfie, “Go back to the car, call for help.”

Alfie caught the phone, and backed off a step. “What kind of help?”

“Give me the gun, and call the cops.”

He passed me the gun and I took it securely.

Then he hesitated. “Sacha, what are you going to do …”

“Go, Alfie, call the cops, I’ll be there in a minute.”

He wavered, looking from me to the boss, to Goon two who was spread-eagled with his blood staining the snow. His sightless eyes were turned toward us, and the only loose end was the man I’d rendered unconscious. He had to die, otherwise we would never have peace. Alfie would be in danger, this had to end here in the snow.

“What will you do?” he asked me again, in hushed words. I met his gaze steadily, and then finally he nodded as if maybe he understood about the loose ends, or had possibly made his peace with it. That was probably wishful thinking on my part. Alfie was in shock.

“Okay, I’ll call for help.” He walked backward for a short distance and then turned and hurried over to the car, and as soon as his back was turned, I put the pistol to the boss’s temple and shot him.

Alfie whirled around to face me, but at least he’d hadn’t witnessed me shooting someone else. Not that it mattered what he saw now, he had seen me kill. He knew I was capable of ending someone’s life, he knew I was a killer. Where was the space for love in amongst all of that darkness?

I know he’d said he loved me but that was nothing, just the heat of the moment, thinking he was going to die. He stared right at me for the longest time, then shuffled in the snow, and continued on to the car. He placed a call, spoke at length, and then leaned against the hood. I stood up and brushed off the worst of the snow, and then waited.

But he stayed at the car, staring at the phone in his hands and not once did he look at me.

It was over. There was no place for me in his world.

And my black heart fractured into a million pieces.


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