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Episode 12


I followed Mike outside, the icy cold air doing nothing to chill my ardor. Walking behind him to the parking area around back, my gaze was on his ass in those chinos steadily. By the time we rounded the corner of Butterball’s I had to take just a little taste of the pleasures to come. I took his wrist, spun him around, and jacked him up against the brick exterior of the pub. His eyes flared in shock but only for a millisecond. As soon as I put my body tight to his, his lids lowered, and he tilted his head and opened his mouth a bit, eager for the kiss. I covered him as well as I could, mouth over mouth, chest to chest, cock to cock, thighs to thighs. His hands went to my ass, my hands to the cool red bricks. Tongues tangling madly, I began to ride his cock, losing most of my sanity as the full rush of his flavor flowed over my taste buds. Beer, salt from the corn chips still on his lips, and Mike.

“Fuck I want you so bad,” I panted over his mouth. His fingers bit into my ass. “Turn around.” I started pawing at his fly, fully intent on fucking him right here, his face pressed into the bricks, his pants around his knees, for all the world and Butterball’s patrons to see. He grunted in what seemed to be agreement. Fuck but he was a wild thing at his core. He even began to turn while yanking on his belt. I leaned in to lap at his mouth one final time before he gave me his ass.

“Well, well, look at you little lovebirds. You know the local constabulary might take offense to you fucking your man here facing the Little Angels Day Care.” Shit. I’d forgotten about the day care center. Thank God it was closed. Mike began choking. I jumped back, turned, and found myself facing Victor Kalinski, aka The Venomous Pole, aka the husband of Dan Arou-Kalinski, aka one of the Cougars coaches. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuuck. “Tazinski, you horny little shit,” Vic chuckled as I stammered and coughed out a feeble sort of explanation. Vic held up a hand to quiet the stupid flowing out of me. “Hey, no need to make shit up. I know a hookup about to take place when I see one. Do the league and all us other rainbow flag types a good and take it somewhere private.”

“Yeah, we were just … we will. Thanks, Vic. Nice job by the way with special teams.”

“I know. Just so you’re aware, the rest of the coaches are right behind me, late staff meeting, so you might want to tuck your dicks back into your britches before they amble up. Have fun kids.”

I actually reached down to tuck then recalled we hadn’t gotten that far. Yet. Mike said nothing until the redhead was out of sight.

“Oh God, we got caught making out.”

“It’s cool. Victor won’t out us or anything. He’s married to a man. Come on, let’s go somewhere no one can intrude.” I offered him my hand. He seemed a little reluctant now, but he did slide his palm over mine. I pulled him around back and shoved him into my car. When I got behind the wheel, Mike clambered over the console to kiss me. The fire overtook us once more, and we might have gotten into it yet again had his knee not knocked the window button allowing cold air to blow in on us.

“What’s close?” I panted, holding his face in my hands then kissing him before he could reply.

“Hotel? Motel? Mattress in an alley?” He nipped at my lower lip. I sniggered, and he did as well.

“My place or yours? Which is closer?”

“Mine.” He shimmied off my lap. “Two blocks, south, big place with about forty apartments.”

Somehow, I got us there without wrecking. It wasn’t easy since Mike had been rubbing my cock through my trousers the entire two block ride. We fell into the elevator, his hands down my pants, my tongue stroking his molars. We broke apart long enough for him to fish out his keys. No shit, as soon as we were both in his place and had a light on we fell on each other like starving wolves. I think his place had walls and doors. Maybe a window too.

He shucked his pants and sweater as I yanked at my vest and dress shirt.

“Can I lick him?” Mike asked, his request sending a shiver through me. I nodded. He grabbed at me, fingers wrapping around my upper arm. He sat on the arm of the couch wearing nothing but his glasses. I plucked them off and laid them on a small table by the couch and then led his mouth to my tattoo. Fingers wound in his hair, I let him lap and suckle on Taz, his teeth sharp but the pain mingling well with the pleasure. As he sucked, he worked me out of my pants and briefs, his fingers trailing over my cock. The tickle at the base of my spine warned me that an orgasm was close.

“My turn.” I pulled free and shoved him backward onto the sofa. He rolled to his stomach, his body flat on the cushions, his taut ass in the air. Fumbling on the floor with my gaze locked on the treat awaiting me, I found my pants and dug into my back pocket for my wallet.

“Hurry, Taz,” Mike groaned into the cushion. Fingers shaking, I rolled on a condom and then ripped open a packet of lube.

“Nick, call me Nick.” Dick slicked and hard, I climbed over the arm of the sofa, and nudged his legs further apart. He moaned wantonly, lifting his ass even higher. I toyed with his tight hole for a minute, wished it could have been longer but the need to bury myself was too strong.

“Hurry, Nick,” Mike pleaded, the muscles in his legs and arms tight. I thrust, slowly, but with force. A keening sort of sound filled the room. Mike’s sound. It was steamy hot that groan of pleasure/pain. I reached around him, grabbed his arm, and brought it to rest on his lower back. “Oh fuck, yes… yes.”

Arm pinned to his lumbar, I began rocking in and out of him, my rhythm punishing like a storm on the ocean, each thrust a crashing pulse of high tide. His one arm gave out and he fell to his face. The sofa began to creep forward, inch by inch, with each plunge into all that hot, tight Mike. Something fell off a table when the couch slammed into it. Neither of us looked to see what the thud might have been. He came first, his cry of release triggering something in my head that lit off a bolt of lightning that raced outward to my fingers and toes. I pinned his arm to his back and rocked into him hard, striving to get as deep as possible.

When the mating frenzy lessened a bit, I collapsed onto him, breathless and loose like a bowl of Jell-O. Mike huffed as my weight settled on his damp back but he never asked me to move. He did ask one thing of me as we lay there still joined.

“You staying the night?”

I bowed down low, kissed the back of his neck, feeling like a cat full of warm cream.

“Try to make me leave.”

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