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Episode 16


Pizza after a win was great.  Pizza after a win with Mike was amazing. As was curling up on his couch with a box of meat lovers supreme, my arm around his shoulders, the TV the only light, and gently feeding him the first slice. His lips were coated with grease that I had to clean off with my tongue because the napkins on the coffee table were just too far away. One kiss led to another, and then to another, the pizza kind of forgotten as our bodies grew hotter and harder.

“I love kissing you,” he murmured, pressing me back into the sofa, his prick grinding against mine through several layers of material. I shoved my fingers into his hair, cradled the back of his skull, and held his mouth to mine, tongues tangling, until he broke free to suck in a shaky breath. I removed his glasses and laid them on the table next to the napkins, the poor lonely pizza, and Mike’s trusty laptop, which was closed and probably now had face recognition technology, so I couldn’t peek at his stats. Not that I would. I wasn’t in this for the stats. I was in this for the man. “You still into this?”

“Totally.” I showed him just how into things I was. With a grunt and a shove, I had him on his back now, and was quickly baring all that beautiful bare flesh he kept hidden under far too many layers of clothing. When he was naked and needy I slid off the couch to my knees. He wriggled into a seated position, legs spread wide, stomach rising and falling rapidly.

Hand around the base of his weeping cock, I tongued the slit, his salty taste a better aphrodisiac than any kind of shellfish. He was wiggly and vocal, moaning and whispering dirty little words and sounds that made me half crazy. I sucked on the head of his dick, just the head, until he begged me for more.

“Yeah, I can do more.” He was pliable and with a rough tug that made him moan in pleasure, I had him off the couch. We cleared the coffee table, napkins and pizza and laptop sliding to the floor. “Right here.” I pressed his chest to the table. “Stay right there like that.”

“Okay, Nick,” he panted, eyes closed, ass available for my wicked pleasures. I freed my cock, my sight never leaving his balls and cock dangling between his thighs. I put a hand to his lower back and patted it.

“Both hands right here,” I said as I pulled my belt free and dragged the buckle over one sweet ass cheek.

“Nick, shit…”

He quickly did as he’d been told, and I captured both wrists in my belt then snugged it tight. Mike was a live wire now, rolling his hips in circles. Seemed my demure little numbers man had a slight thing for being restrained. I could so get into that.

“We’re going to have to invest in some rope,” I said as I rolled a condom on then ripped open a small packet of lube and slicked myself up. Mike made a sound that I took as a yes. “You into that?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me, Nick. Now, hard. Make me feel you for days.”

“Just a minute, babe.”

I worked his ass with slippery fingers until he was close to hyperventilating, then, and only then, did I push my cock into him in one long, slow thrust. His body clenched around me, pulling me in deeper. Taking the long end of my belt, I fisted it and tugged just a bit, cinching his arms a little higher. Then I pulled out and rocked back into him, leather around my fist. The pace was furious and we both came far too quickly, me buried to the hilt lying half over his back, him with his cock in my hand.

“Holy shit,” I gasped then pressed a few kisses to his spine before pulling my belt off and tossing it aside. He kind of folded like a cheap lawn chair, his legs giving out. I slid an arm around him, hoisting him up to a kneeling position, and mouthing at his neck. “You okay?” I enquired between tastes of his skin.

“Perfect. Just fucking perfect.” His weight sagged back onto me. I smiled softly, kissing his throat while rubbing at his arms, which had to be more than a little tingly now. He twisted his head for a kiss. I licked into his mouth and kissed him back onto the sofa, crawling up over him as he collapsed onto the cushions, his chest sweaty and his hair sticking to his damp brow. He looked adorable and so well fucked I felt a moment of pride.

I padded into the bathroom after he was settled on the couch with a throw I found on the back of the recliner. I flushed the condom, washed my hands, and ran my wet fingers through my hair. Mike was sluggish when I returned to the living room. He patted the couch cushion, so I sat down with him, letting him curl up into my side, the pine green throw wound around him.

“You okay?” He nodded then shimmied up to kiss my chin. I nestled down into the sofa, pulling him snugly into me, enjoying the man’s slight weight pressing me further into the cushions. “You going to the charity dinner on the weekend? It’s a pretty big thing. The team does a sort of casino night/dinner then donates all the money raised to a local charity. I’m lobbying really hard for them to donate to the Carlisle LGBT Center.”

Mike looked up at me, those pretty eyes of his aglow. “I love that cause. Yeah, I’ll go but we can’t go as a couple.”

I frowned yet nodded in agreement. This hiding “us” was beginning to suck already and we were still brand new.

“Then we’ll go as friends.”


“Nope, no sorry shit. It’s all good. We’ll do what we need to do.” I dropped a kiss to his hair, held him tight, and stroked the shell of his ear until he drifted off. The movie we’d been watching was half over, but it didn’t matter. I kind of knew how Vin Diesel would save the day. I’d seen Triple X about five hundred and four times.

With Mike under my arm, I let my eyes close, sleep coming with ease. The stiffness from sleeping all night kinked up on a couch kind of sucked when I limped into the CBC for morning skate, but it was worth it. Waking up with Mike draped over me was worth a sore neck and stiff back, trust me.


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