Welcome to the first Fast Five post!

We hope you enjoy our new monthly feature here on the MM Hockey Romance blog. What we’ll be doing is picking one of our characters/secondary characters and setting them down for a furious, fast-paced round of five questions. These questions can range from serious to bizarre and will hopefully give us all a deeper look into the minds of our guys from the Railers, Eagles, and Raptors.

First in the hot seat is Railers goalie, Stan Lyamin.

And here we go!

Question One – What are you known for?

I’m am known for saving many goals for my team and talking with the pipes. Many peoples have asked me why I talk with pipes. ‘Stan,’ they say, ‘Pipes are metal and not feeling of emotions. Why must you speak to them? Are you loose in brains?’ To which I say, “No, my brains are tight. I speak with my pipes for they are my best friends when I am in net. They make many saves. They are my wingmans.

Question Two – What’s the last thing you watched on TV?

Spongebob Squarepants. We have three children and much cartoons are playing in the house. I enjoy Patrick. He is a star fish with a fat back that talks. Every time I see his back talk I laugh in hysteria.

Question Three – What inspires you?

Is good question. Many people inspire me. My Mama, my sister, my friends, my teammates, my husband. But those are people, not things. What inspires me in my work is practicing and honing my skill. What inspires me at home is being the best parent and spouse that I can be.

Question Four – Do you sing when driving? If so, what was your last jam song?

Oh yes, I sing loud and strong so people in back can hear! Eric, my beloved, says many times I have voice that shakes heaven. I sing just today on way to barn. Big rendition of “A Little Less Conversation” sung by Elvis the King in the world famous movie Live a Little, Love a Little.

Question Five – You’ve been given a penguin. You can’t sell it or give it away. What do you do with it?

Is easy. I take penguin home to kids. We give it good name for funny bird like Reginald. Then I build big penguin home in backyard with much ice and tank for swimming. Every day children must feed Reginald fishes and play with penguin before school. When is night, we will allow him to come inside and watch the nature shows until bedtime when he must go sleep on iceberg in tank in backyard. We will make sure penguin is part of family.

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