They say time flies.
Liam Kneller-Polkman can testify to that fact.
It feels like yesterday that he was a small boy biking around Squirrel Hill with his friends and having sleepovers at his doting uncle’s home during summer vacation. Now he’s about to graduate from college. If he can ever find his tie…
This summer will be vastly different from the ones that came before. No trips abroad to study art, no weeks in the pool with buddies, no goofing off. The number one goalie draft pick for the Pittsburgh Ravens will have three short months to ready himself for his chance to grab a spot on the Watkins Glen Gladiators roster. The warmest days of the year are going to be long and sweaty ones for Liam, but this top prospect has a lot to prove to the world.
Top Prospect is a low-angst, romance free, family-and-friends filled prequel short story that will lead directly into Between the Pipes, Watkins Glen Gladiators #1.