There’s always something incredibly exciting about a new year, isn’t there? We have twelve whole months to fill with wonderful memories and new adventures. For RJ and me, a new year means a whole new calendar to fill up with books for our readers. If you all could see our release calendars and to-be-written lists you’d either squeal in delight, gape, or question our sanity. Trust me, there are days we wonder about us as well.

2020 is going to be a great year for our Raptor fans! We’re looking at three releases for that motley crew from Tucson. Each book will feature a new couple finding love among the cacti and hockey pucks. But we’re huge fans of making sure we bring back old favorites so we can keep track of what they’re doing. With this team it’s wise to watch everyone on the roster.

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March 22 will see the release of Shadow and Light, the third Raptor book. This one stars Henry, our poor broken player who had the grave misfortune of hooking up with a real *#$*(@*^ &@*$#@ and is now trying to get himself back into playing form. Luckily for Henry, it looks like his trials and tribulations will be made easier by Apollo Vasquez showing up to brighten his days. You all remember Apollo from First Season, Railers #2, right? He was Adler’s best friend and personal assistant. Well life is leading Apollo away from the east coast and perhaps into a handsome hockey players arms!

The fourth, fifth, and sixth books are untitled at the moment but never fear! RJ and I know who the remaining Raptors are and who will find their forever loves. We know but we’re not telling. *giggles wickedly* We can give you some hints. One Raptor isn’t a Raptor yet, one Raptor doubles as a rock god, and one Raptor might have a letter on his sweater. I wonder who they could be. Hmmmmm…

We hope you’ll join us as the year moves along and our books hit the stands. We promise we’ll do our best to bring you hockey romances filled with romance, sexy times, drama, team dynamics, and a happily ever after.

Is there a Raptor release in 2020 that you’re looking forward to the most? If so, give a shout-out in the comments. Who knows, maybe the Raptor who gets the most votes will be book number four. It could happen!

Love and hugs,

RJ & Vix