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Question 5

Rachel Maybury – Have you ever thought of writing a non-hockey romance together?

RJ: Okay, so we have ideas for two more Railers stories, two more spin offs in the Owatonna U series, a whole NEW series (likely at least 3 books) and that takes us up to the end of 2019…

VL: Here I am! I had to let my cat in before the rain fell and touched his beautiful golden fur causing him to melt. This question is a good one! As RJ said, we’re already well into 2019 with planned hockey romance novels. That should keep us busy on the ice for a while. That being said, if we had a boffo idea that appeared I’d certainly be willing to do a non-hockey book!  There are some genres that I’ve never written that I’d like to try out.

RJ: I have this idea about a team of guys who are a team who do *adventure stuff* and *other stuff* but… 2020 is probably going to fill with all our other hockey ideas LMAO. So, what genres would you like to write in?

VL: Oh I’d like to try my hand in a western maybe. Or something sci-fi or fantasy. Dragons are cool. I love “adventure stuff” as a genre topic! What about you? Is there a genre that you’d like to try but haven’t RJ?

RJ: Hmmm… I wouldn’t ever write an historical, for fear of messing it up, and western, would that be more things for me to mess up LOL… I love Dragons … oohhh a team of guys who are dragon shifters… like an action adventure fantasy thing…

VL: Dragon shifters who solve crimes. Dragon cops! I could get into high fantasy – elves, dwarves, dragons etc. as those are the video games (Dragon Age, Witcher, Elder Scrolls) that I love the most, but the world-building for high fantasy is exhausting! So, I guess as of now we’ve not discussed anything other than hockey romance for our coauthored books, but that’s for now. Hard to say what will grab our fancy some day! Like dragon cops! Thanks for the great question, Rachel.

RJ: Creates a Dragon!Cops outline and files it for the future! OOHHHH Dragon!Hockey!Cops :O LOL – thank you for the question Rachel 🙂