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Dance on Ice (Chesterford Coyotes, 3)

Dance on Ice (Chesterford Coyotes, 3)

Their sport demands total devotion, but can falling in love come first?

In the hockey-obsessed school of Chesterford Academy, Shaun Stanton stands out as the star player and captain of the Chesterford Coyotes and his exceptional skills have already attracted the attention of NHL scouts. He lives and breathes hockey, but beneath the surface, there’s more to his story. Pressured by his father, who aims to turn Shaun into the star he never was, their relationship is a complex mix of guidance and intimidation. Worse, while hockey is Shaun’s sanctuary and a key part of who he is, he harbors a secret his dad can never find out: Shaun is gay, and he’s caught between the future career he’s destined for, and the truth he has to hide. There’s one bright light in his life, the vibrant figure skater who shares the early morning practice ice, a friend he worries about, but now something more–Kenji is everything Shaun wants and can’t have.

Kenji Kelly is a young man who walks two worlds simultaneously: his family is a beautiful mix of American and Asian cultures, he loves both figure skating and hockey, and he’s a proud and out pansexual teen. While it seems to the world around him that he has it all, deep down Kenji has a secret that’s slowly becoming harder to conceal. His life is the ice and his coach does not believe in failure. The one person who knows his hidden secret is Shaun, the captain of the Coyotes and a friend from years ago in youth hockey. Shaun’s gaze towards Kenji, once solely filled with concern, now seems to hold something deeper, unsettling Kenji but also igniting in him similar giddy, burgeoning feelings. As their feelings become stronger, the secrets both young men are carrying grow heavier and more distressing with each passing day.

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Series: Chesterford Coyotes, Book 3
Genres: Hockey, Romance
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