V.L. Locey, RJ Scott, Gay Romance, MM Romance, Hockey Romance

Question 3

Torhild Borg – How did you two lovelies end up writing together?

RJ: Well I was drunk and…

VL: And there I was under the table, bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand…Oh wait, that’s a different story.

RJ: Well, on my blog I sometimes interview authors, and I’d read Vicki’s Point Shot stories and fell in love with Vic and Dan, so I asked to interview her, and somehow in that conversation, which was very funny, we decided to write together.

VL: It was really as simple as that. I was thrilled to be asked by RJ and jumped at the chance to write a book with her.

RJ: So we had this idea of a new hockey genius and a coach, and it just grew from there. We knew Ten was the youngest of three boys, we knew Jared was older than Ten, and that was pretty much it.

VL: We loved the idea of having a hockey dynastic type of family for the books, kind of like the Staal’s, and so we came up with the Rowe’s. Then Jared knowing the eldest Rowe added a delicious twist to the romance between him and Ten.

RJ: Not to mention that the older brothers were horrified that Ten was going to a new expansion team, and wasn’t going to be playing for an *original six* team (The original six, as the name suggests were the first six teams to form a league).

VL: Yeah, there was lots of contention among the Rowe boys at first over Ten’s acceptance of the Railers offer and then him dating Mads. Of course all of that has been worked out now.

RJ: Then there was the fact Mads had a son… who wasn’t that dissimilar in age to Ten :O

VL: Yes sir, that was also a big worry for Jared as well as a few others, but Ten and Ryker have hit it off well and they’ve developed an older sibling/younger sibling sort of vibe, which I think is awesome. You’ll see lots of this in Ryker’s book.

RJ: As to actually writing, we start off with a lot of messaging that starts … what if… or … what would happen if… and we go back and forth talking and setting up characters. Three weeks was all it took to write Changing Lines, because the story flowed so easily. I love writing with the Vickster, she’s not only an awesome writer, but she’s now a good friend (only no one tell her that, she’ll get big headed and we don’t want that.)

VL: Aww. *hugs RJ across the ocean* I feel the exact same way about RJ. She’s a dear friend and I love working with her, even if she does cheer for the Pens. 😉

RJ: I think you’ll find it’s me who has to put up with your love of the Rangers… nods…

VL: Ah yes, the joys of interdivisional friendships. Thanks for the great question, Torhild!

RJ: Good question TB XXXXX