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Episode 7


Tension lay coiled in my stomach like a cobra.

Sacha turned on the stereo, cool jazz filling the inside of his car, soothing tunes that did little to quiet the undulating serpent inside me.

“You’re very quiet,” he said as we drove, the heat of his hand on my leg and the smell of his cologne adding to my unease. “I’d have you know that if you change your mind, you need only say so.”

“I will not change my mind.” My words were short, clipped, my cock hard as a spike. “It’s just been…not so many men understand what I seek.”

“Mm, and what is it you seek? When you reply, use my name. I like to hear it rolling off your tongue. The French inflection is pleasing to my ear.”

A shudder of desire raced through me. He asked for what I sought but somehow he already knew.

“There is to be no great pain, for me, big pain is ugly.” We pulled slowly to a stop light, the red light making the wet street glow ruby.

“There is to be no pain, what?”

“Sacha, no pain, Sacha.”

“Good, that is lovely.” He squeezed my knee and my balls tightened up. “I am not such a man, but I will spank you if it is required. You would have to make a very egregious mistake for that to happen though. Are you accepting of that?”

“Yes, that is fine. Just no big pain or inflicting anything on me that will hamper my performance on the ice or cause me embarrassment if seen in the showers.” He inhaled sharply. “That is what I would ask, Sacha.”

His exhalation was calm, his fingers on my leg gently gliding up just an inch. The light flicked to green and his hand left my thigh.

“Anything else?” he asked. I shook my head. “Speak my name, Alfie.”

“No, Sacha, that is all that I ask.”

“Perfect. Then try to relax. The drive is short and we may have a long night.”

I tried to sink back into the luxurious seat, to ease my mind but the snake in my belly was curled too tightly. If I did not find a way to release the anger and stress inside me soon, it would come out in bad ways, yelling and shouting…

“We’re here,” he said, tapping my chin with his finger. I started, my gaze flying from him to the tall brick building we were parked behind. “You were lost in thought. Please, if you wish to go back to the gallery just say so and I’ll drive you back. You must be here because you want to be, that is the only way I can take you to my bed. You have to give yourself to me willingly.”

His finger caressed the divot of my chin as he spoke.

“I’m wanting to be here with you, Sacha.”

He smiled, ran his thumb over my lower lip, and then exited the car. I followed behind him, fingers itching to touch him as he had me, but knowing that I must give myself to him in all ways for this to ease me. I’d been here before, with other men, looking for the relief that only came with a dominant man. Most had failed me, being too heavy-handed or not firm enough, thinking to play with my needs.

The elevator ride up from the parking area was done in silence, as was the walk down a newly-painted corridor. Sacha was always close, never touching, but close. The sparks of static electricity leaped from his pinkie finger to mine as we approached his door.

“This is me,” he said softly, unlocking the white door with the tasteful black seven on it. Lucky seven I hoped. It had taken a lot of pep talk and several glasses of champagne to loosen me enough to approach him as I had in public. “Come in,” he said, his speech pattern perfectly controlled. My dick was throbbing, my balls ached. I’d been erect for so long now…

“This is nice,” I offered, looking around the immaculate apartment done in tones of cool blues and grays. Masculine yes and tidy. Not a thing out of place.

“I’m glad it pleases you.” He padded over to me after tossing his keys to a small stand by the door. I looked down at him. He slid a hand over the back of my neck and pulled my lips to his. Fingers fisted to keep myself from grabbing him, I opened when his tongue touched the seam of my lips. He swept deep. I moaned in pleasure. He tasted of strong coffee and self-control. I leaned into the kiss. He pulled away, his fingertips enjoying the short, tight curls along the nape of my neck. “You’ve been drinking. Are you drunk?”

“No, I just…needed fortification to approach you. It was hard, for me, to ask you…”

“I understand. From now on, do not come to me after you’ve been drinking. I dislike the taste and it clouds the mind. You need to be sure of your decisions, not waking up the next day in my bed mortified. You agree?”

“Yes, okay, Sacha, yes.” The image of waking up beside him made me weak in the knees.

“Good. Now go brush your teeth. There are new brushes in the medicine cabinet. Then, when you’re done, you’re to come back to the bedroom and undress, leisurely, folding each article of clothing neatly then placing them in the top left drawer of my dresser. I’ll be watching from the wingback in the corner.”

He led me to the master bedroom, a massive room filled with dark curtains, light bedding, and oils of landscapes that ranged from wintery scenes to evergreen forests. He motioned to a door then walked across the room to sit down regally in a soft white wingback in front of a window. I hurried to brush the champagne from my mouth then walked back into the room, stopping two feet or so from him then removing my clothes. Slowly, one button on the shirt at a time, his eyes growing hotter as more skin was revealed. When I stepped out of my slacks and briefs, and he saw my hard, weeping cock, his pupils grew fat and his tongue darted out to wet his lips.

“Place your clothes in the drawer,” he said, his words raspy. I did as told, laying the pile into an empty drawer. “Now, open the middle drawer and take out what pleases you.”

I gave him a quick look. He stared at me, one sleek eyebrow rising. I pulled the drawer open and found a treasure trove of toys, various sizes and types of condoms, and an assortment of lubes. It was difficult to keep myself in check. I removed a string of condoms, a tube of my favorite lube, and a precisely wound length of soft yellow rope.

“Very nice. Place them on the bed and then come kneel before me.” I hurried to do his bidding, the carpet plush under my bare knees. “Take out my cock and kiss it, just the head and only with your lips, no tongue.” Fingers shaking I unzipped his pants, reached into his briefs, and freed his cock. He was cut, thick, long, the head oozing precum. “Kiss it. Look up at me as you do.”

“Yes, Sacha.” I bowed down to drop a chaste kiss to his prick. I licked off the droplet that now rested on my lower lip. His taste exploded on my tongue and I grew greedy. I sucked him into my mouth, ravenously, and was instantly rebuked.

“Stop. No, that is not what you were told. Put my cock away.”

Shame heated my cheeks. “I’m sorry, Sacha.”

“I know, but you forget who was in control. Put my cock away and go stand by the bed.” Regretfully I put his dick away, zipped his fly, and pushed to my feet, head hanging, and went to stand by his big bed. “Now bend over.”

The slap to my buttock was sharp yes, but not overly painful. Perfect. The shock waves raced to my nuts. Sacha stood behind me now. My brow lay on the mattress, my breathing rapid, my body tense as I waited for another crack on my ass. Instead, his fingers found my hole, slipping between my cheeks leaving a thick trail of lube along my crack. I gasped, groaned, and spread my legs for him.

“This is all you get tonight because you forgot to listen.” He pressed two fingers into me, and I nearly buckled at the sensation. “Next time, if you behave, you’ll get the rope play you wished, or perhaps even my dick in your mouth. But tonight, you get only this.” I heard his zipper go down. Oh gods above, did he have that beautiful dick of his out? Why had I grown so greedy?

“Sacha,” I panted as he found that golden spot and rubbed it just once. I cried out, he pressed in deeper, scraping a nail over the ball of nerves, and I shot my load into my hand, biting down on the comforter as my balls contracted over and over. “Thank you,” I whimpered, his arm coming around me to bolster me. He growled roughly then coated my ass with spunk. Then he eased his fingers out of me and guided me to the bath where he washed my hands, lower back, and buttocks for me. He kissed me on the lips.

“Do you wish to go home or spend the night?” he asked as he patted my hands dry. I was soft putty now.

“What do you want, Sacha?” I asked, happy to laze about in his bed for ages.

“I would love to cook you some eggs in the morning, Would you like that?”

“Yes, so much I would like that.”

“Then we’ll make it so,” he said then stole a tender kiss.


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